Investor Services


Minerva tailors its Investor Services to an exclusive group of private European and American investors. Our clients are well-informed investors with long-term goals.

For these clients, Minerva’s deep and diverse organizational structures allow us to provide comprehensive investment services from conceptual design, acquisition and development to asset management, disposition, and specialized legal and tax services.

To balance optimal returns with financial security, Minerva offers a diversified range of real estate investments. These include both long-term institutional quality investments and targeted entrepreneurial opportunities that yield higher returns.

Property Selection & Acquisition

Our network of local specialists gives us a competitive advantage by providing insights into unique, often overlooked investment opportunities. Additionally, the network provides real time market trend data, which allows Minerva to buy at opportunistic times and to make adjustments that maximize asset value.

Complementing our local experience, our international relationships provide us with a national and international outlook on trends that affect our strategic planning and asset management decisions.

Construction & Development

Minerva is actively involved in the development of a diverse group of projects ranging from small, selective projects to large master-planned communities. Working with an exceptional group of well-respected firms, Minerva plans and directs all aspects of the development process — including zoning, permitting, infrastructure development, construction, marketing, leasing and sales.

Asset Management

Minerva carefully supervises the selection and performance of third-party property management companies and brokers for each commercial project. Additionally, the company provides property and homeowner association management services in its residential communities. To monitor the financial success of each project or portfolio, we offer our clients long-range budgeting, cash flow management and planning services.

Legal & Tax Services

Close collaboration with top legal and tax experts enables us to offer a wide array of specialized services including keeping abreast of annually changing U.S. and International financial, legal and taxation issues related to U.S. real estate holdings.