Minerva is a privately owned Atlanta-based real estate investment company that has a solid track record of acquiring, developing and managing a broad portfolio of real estate investments.

Operations commenced in 1981 as the U.S. real estate division of a large European financial services company. In 1993, the management team acquired the business, renamed it “Minerva,” and continued operations seamlessly with the original European clients.

The Minerva team has maintained a flexible management and investment philosophy, which allows for adaptation to ever-changing market conditions. Through the years, this strategy has led to a balanced portfolio with steady income-producing assets matched with opportunistic investments.

Additionally, the team’s in-depth local market knowledge and strategic partnerships provide a distinct advantage in making investments, which are often counter-cyclical to market pressures.

Minerva has built a solid reputation based on quality, integrity and professionalism, allowing the company to maintain strong relationships for over 30 years.